aac.digital is a web and mobile development company
for your startup or advertising agency.

We solve complex problems with Ruby on Rails, Ember.js and Elixir since 2014.

Clients We’ve Worked With


We'll help you take your project from idea to reality.
We truly believe in the "release early, release often" software development philosophy. Agile methodologies help us to deliver your proudct as fast as possible.


We love test-driven development, pair programming, short development cycles and continuous integration.
Each key functionality produced by our developers covered with automated tests.


Our clients will receive access to the staging site and a tool allowing them to follow the progress.
Our development team will update you on past and future activities.

Ruby on Rails

aac.digital was founded as a Ruby on Rails shop.
Rails is the most productive way to build web applications and web APIs, and it is highly useful in startup projects that favor an agile approach and follow common web conventions.

Ember.js & Single Page Apps

Ember.js helps us to build ambitiously large web applications that are competitive with native apps, could respond immediately to user interactions, no longer needing to make a round-trip to the server just to render a new page.

Assembled in Budapest

Our core development team is based in Budapest.
Budapest has an awesome tech community, developers are well educated and production costs are very competitive.